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My Week That Was


The ever fabulous Beth at The Pieces of Me (yes, her again) brought this linky over at Mummy Daddy and Me makes Three to my attention, and I thought it’d be lovely to join in.  As Mummy says ” it is just about the little things that made your week”  Sadly working fulltime means most of my days of the week suck ass!

Monday – Nothing special here

Tuesday – Baby took 2 hours to fall asleep, I was pulling my hair out till my husband called at gone 9, spoke to Liv and watching her press her ear against the phone and slowly closing her eyes melted my heart. Within 15 minutes of her speaking to her Dad, she was fast asleep.  He is normally home and gives her a goodnight kiss and cuddle before bed. I’m pretty sure she was waiting for her goodnight from him before she’d sleep. After over 9 months breastfeeding and being her everything, she’s a blooming daddies girl, and I love it.

Wednesday – I got to play with some pretty macro heavy spreadsheets at work instead of the normal desk monkey work, you can see last weeks rant over this here and I felt like me again. A super nerdy spreadsheet geek, and it made my day. Also, after a normal goodnight from her father, daddies girl was asleep with 7 minutes. Phew.

Thursday – nothing special here

Friday – nor here

Saturday – Spent the day with My mum and brother in the morning and just generally had a lovely day. Liv decided she now needs just one hand holding when she totters around. 

Sunday – We spent the day at my husbands mums and Liv decided it’d be a good time to show off her likes/dislikes and spent half the time trying to kiss everyone. On the way home she started copying our sneezes, and I could not stop laughing. I don’t know how may times I say “she is so funny” but man… she is SO funny!

Pop over to Mummy Daddy and Me to see the other entries in the linky 🙂



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A Desk Monkeys Life for me.

I think I’ve given up. I’ve lost my drive and ambition.

I posted late last year about my “need” to get promoted, and be the best I can at work, at all times.  I told you how I’d applied for a job and the recruiter has taken over a month to offer interviews or not.  The job application closed at the start of October. It’s now January and it’s still not gone to interview. I gave up on that job early December. This post isn’t about that job as such. More any job.

Before maternity leave I was in a few talent programmes at work. My managers had always supported and challenged me with projects and tasks. For the past 7 years, since moving on from my first post in the company I have never done my job, I’ve always acted in the position above or been on projects for senior management. I thrived on the challenge and being the best I could be.  My last post before maternity leave was working with level 2, 3 and 4 managers and treated as an equal. I was influential in resourcing decisions and was the subject matter expect on our forecasted demand. This was my favourite job to date. I worked from home and was basically left to it. So long as the work got done, so long as I attended and chaired the conference calls as needed, I worked whatever hours I liked. Granted I was contracted to do 36 hours a week not including lunch, and sometimes I’d do 50 hours, others 30. It worked for me, it worked for my boss, it worked for our customers.

When I went on maternity leave, I dispersed my tasks across the management team. Each one, taking on a small part of it. This of course, in a company and industry driven by cost, meant I was a headcount reduction. My role no longer existed.  When I came back after less than 6 months leave, I was placed, without choice, in a new role. A technical level job, Configuring and deconfiguring circuits on systems.  I’m now a “desk monkey” clicking, copying, pasting all day. Following set processes. Working through queues of jobs.

This is a desk monkey job. This is not me.  It’s not something I’ve ever wanted to do, I can do it. Easily. I excel at it. This job sits better on my CV 5 years ago. I’ve taken huge steps backwards in my career because I took 5.5 months out to start a family.

I had a good bitch to a couple of senior managers about it. There’s nothing they can do.  I’m needed where I am, and without a job coming up, me getting and passing an interview, being offered and accepting a job… there’s no way out.  This is in a company that’s constantly challenging its headcount, and where managers cost way more than team members, so they’re reducing the number of managers.

Here I am, a no-body for the first time in years, a desk monkey, working 8.30-5 every day, on queues, hoping for a promotion. Who am I kidding? Well, not me, not anymore.  I’ve given up. I’ve applied for four promotions since October. I’ve had two  No’s before interview “more experienced candidates were interviewed” and I’m still waiting to hear if I have an interview for the other two.

Maybe I should concentrate on being a mother outside of work. Maybe I should appreciate the fact that for the first time in years, when it hits 5pm I can walk out of the office and go and get my girl. Appreciate the fact no one expects me to go above and beyond. Accept the Generally Satisfactory scoring on my quarterly reviews instead of outstanding or excellent. After all, this is what they expect of me. My “priorities should have changed” they said, and they have, I put my daughter in fulltime nursery at 4 months old and my GOD I wanted to make that worthwhile. Do her proud.  It seems now isn’t the time though. I should do my 8.30-5 job, plodding along, accepting the vanilla blandness that is my working life.

Nothing special here. No ambition. No drive. Just a desk monkey.

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This is not the JOB I want… INTERVIEW ME! NOW! Please

This is a proper rambled brain dump… You’ve been warned!
While on maternity leave, my job “ceased to exist” so, I was pre-deployed, meaning they found me another job, without interview or consulting me. Without going on toooo much, I’ve basically gone from a role that was above my grade, working directly with Senior managers, and basically being known as a bit of a go getter, to being a desk monkey. I sit here day after day clicking and cutting and pasting, slowly going out of my mind.
Before maternity leave I was on a “Future leaders program” getting extra training and visibility etc. My New boss was in my group and he knows my ambitions well, so he was disappointed to have me on his team, we all know this is not what I want. I’ve had “the chat” with him many times since my return on the 1st August. I went to see Senior managers from my old area too. The first one told me it was my ego talking and to give the job a chance, to be honest he’s right. So I have. I’ve been doing this job for almost 3 months and I am ready to poke my eyes out with a spoon. I spoke to some other seniors who are eager to “poach” me back into their organisation and get me back on track. My Boss is new to managing people, let alone people like me – I’d not want to manage me, I’m a nightmare! But yanno… I need help to escape this rut.
I applied internally for another job, the perfect(ish – more money is would make it even better of course) job. I only spotted it on the day it closed, 4th October. After a mad rush to update my CV and submit it, it really hit me that the job I’ve been landed in would fit my CV better about 7 jobs ago. *sigh* and so the depression really hit. I can’t demand my boss do something as He’s gone to India for 3 weeks to fix some process issues.
Now I wait. It’s been 3 weeks since I applied for the perfect job. I quickly passed the initial automated sift. For 3 weeks the system told me it’s with the recruiter reviewing CVs. Every day I check the system and her whereabouts on our internal directory to see if she’s pencilled in any “sifting” time or interviews. Nothing.
I’ve emailed her today asking for 5 minutes to discuss the role. Normally I’d phone but as her whereabouts are choca-block I don’t want her to think I’m incapable of reading a diary. She read the email at 3.06pm.

And still I wait…

Patience is not a virtue I’m familiar with…


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