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Where do babies come from? C-section edition

We all know that day will come when our darling children ask where babies come from. Thankfully I’ve got a good few years before my 8 month old asks, who was an emergency caesarean section, but my mind works in strange ways and I’ve been wondering…

When she asks where babies come from, and I say from their mummy’s tummy, and how do they get out? “Well Dear… most babies come out of you their Mother’s hoohaa…. but you, you were a pain in the bum diva baby who had to have a special door cut in my tummy” hmmmm

Do we tell our children the truth? I always thought I’d be honest about these things, but I hate the thought of her being upset that she caused me extra pain and left that pretty purple scar, and I KNOW I asked my Mum about her scars, so she will ask.

Have you had this chat with your little ones?


YES I know I have years and years… but yanno… humour me!



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