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Shush Little Baby…

Sleep… oh the illusive sleeping through the night. Such a mummy post, but hey, ’tis part of who I am!

When Liv was 9 weeks old, she started sleeping through. of sorts. She would sleep 10.30 ’till 5 or 6, it was amazing. Then at 4 months old she started nursery and within a couple of weeks it stopped. She needed night feeds. After speaking to the Health visitor we weaned at 5 months hoping it’d help. Of course it didn’t.

Up until New Years eve the routine was as follows. 7pm bath, cuddle with Daddy, feed to sleep, put her down in the cot in our room, by 2 she’d have been up who knows how many times and would be in our bed for the rest of the night. Feeding on and off, of her own accord.

December finally saw me giving away the spare bed, and decorating Livs bedroom. Its been a long time coming, she is now 9 months old. December 31st the cot moved next door into her bedroom. I decided to try Controlled crying of sorts, but got to the 3 minute gap and my husband couldn’t take the crying and went in and got her. Last week however, I decided to stop feeding her to sleep, just until she was content and put her down, I patted her bum and sang to her, lying her back down a few times when she got up to escape,¬†and within 10 or 15 minutes she was asleep. Shocking! she slept until 3 am, had a feed then slept until 6 for her morning milk. I could not believe the difference putting her down awake and happy has made. I’ve also bought Ewan the dream sheep to try, and for the first night I continued to sing, pat and rub her to sleep. Last night however, with the sheep playing its lullaby, and its light turned off as lights are play things for Liv, I simply stood over her for 10 minutes and she dozed off for the night. I didn’t hear a sound until midnight, but I closed my eyes and next thing I heard her again at 2am. After trying the sheep again for 10 minutes she made it pretty clear she wanted a feed, but then went down until 6am.

I am more than happy with 1 wake up and morning starting at 6 as she’s out of the door for nursery by 7.50 anyway. The progress we’ve seen in the last week has been a pleasant surprise. If we carry on like this she’ll be settling quicker and easier each night, and hopefully dropping the middle of the night feed (we got to 5am one night this week!)

Bring on 12 hours sleep! whooooooooooop. The implications of this would be MASSIVE. My husband and I could go out for date night without a babysitting sister-in-law having a nervous breakdown due to a screaming baby waking up and only wanting me, 15 minutes after we leave. Heck, I might even find time to do some exercise.



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