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The very generic MP3 player shuffle game (meme)

Beth aka Plasticrosaries (her again) over at pieces of me tagged me in this meme type thing and I can never turn such a thing down so here we are playing the mp3 player shuffle game!
Here’s some rules:
The rules are this: you put your generic mp3 player onto shuffle and you tell the universe what the first five songs that come up are (NO CHEATING!)
Then you tag five bloggers to join in (or more, or less, that part is ok to fiddle – but the actual songs are not!)


Song one






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You Probably know all this but….

I saw and stole this from Beth over at The Pieces of Me – My favourite blogger type. Ever. In the history of blogs.

Age: I’m 25. Officially too old to pull the “I’m still young” card. I’ve noticed I’m refered to as “this lady…” instead of “this girl…”

Book Size: Paperbacks areor ebooks on the nose-phone please. Though the last 10 books I’ve read are all made of cardboard and have furry bits in them. Oh how I love “thats not my” books.

Chore that you hate: Washing up. When I was single I was known to hide dirty bowls in the cupboard when I ahd visitors. I still sulk to this day any time I have to wash up. I HATE it. I blame my mother for using it as a punishment when I was younger.

Dogs: I had one once, but my husband hates all animals. Grumpy bugger.

Essential start to your day: Giving Liv milk in the big bed then a shower. I jsut cannot function without a shower.

Favorite colour: I’ve never had a favourite colour.

Gold or Silver: Silver, or white gold.

Height: Barely more than a midget. Well 2 inches awy from official midgetness. 5ft 1 and a bit.

Instruments you play: Bass guitar, Cello and piano. Barely.

Job Title: DSL Commisioning and second line support

Kids:Liv. She’s likely to be the only one, ever. If you’re reading this then you’ll have seen a few million posts about her before

Live: Just outside of Birmingham

Milk: In tea, yes. On Cereal, just enough to wet it, but I’ll never have milk as a drink. Yuck.

Nicknames: Frank. Lee. Shorty.

Oldest living relative: Aunty Anne. My Nans elder sister, now in her 90’s, she used to be a midwife.

Pet Peeves: Hypocrisy, not being listened to, people that take others for granted

Quote from a movie: “The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.”

Right or Left handed: Right

Siblings: 1 Sister and 1 brother

Time you wake up: Just before 6, up for 7.15

Underwear: big pants and bigger bra.

Vegetable you hate: lady Fingers. Puke.

What makes you run late: Most things. I don’t have the drive to be early. People should be glad I showed at all 😉

X-Rays you’ve had: As an accident prone cild. Most places. Including lungs.

Yummy food that you make: Spanglish Chicken

Zoo animal: Monkeys!

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