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Reviving Weigh in Wednesday

weigh in wednesday loga

On my old blog. in an effort to lose weight, and support in each other, a few of us Ladies on twitter began weigh in Wednesday with hashtag #weighinweds. As my return to full-time work slowly took over my time, this got dropped and neglected. I also got fatter and fatter.

So I am starting it up again. Take this post as a warning – as of tomorrow weigh in Wednesday is back!

Ladies and gentlemen, please join us in supporting each other. Much like the groups that people pay a few £’s to each week, the post will be put up each Wednesday and we will come together and share our weight-loss (positive thinking folks!). We can share our successes and help each other with struggles.

I hope to see your names and comments tomorrow, as we try to get our backsides back in gear! The badge above links back to the “Weigh in Wednesday” page where all posts will be listed. Please feel free to add this to your own blog. Also, we will be using the same hashtag – #WeighInWeds

Thank you all in advance for your support!





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