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My Week That Was


The ever fabulous Beth at The Pieces of Me (yes, her again) brought this linky over at Mummy Daddy and Me makes Three to my attention, and I thought it’d be lovely to join in.  As Mummy says ” it is just about the little things that made your week”  Sadly working fulltime means most of my days of the week suck ass!

Monday – Nothing special here

Tuesday – Baby took 2 hours to fall asleep, I was pulling my hair out till my husband called at gone 9, spoke to Liv and watching her press her ear against the phone and slowly closing her eyes melted my heart. Within 15 minutes of her speaking to her Dad, she was fast asleep.  He is normally home and gives her a goodnight kiss and cuddle before bed. I’m pretty sure she was waiting for her goodnight from him before she’d sleep. After over 9 months breastfeeding and being her everything, she’s a blooming daddies girl, and I love it.

Wednesday – I got to play with some pretty macro heavy spreadsheets at work instead of the normal desk monkey work, you can see last weeks rant over this here and I felt like me again. A super nerdy spreadsheet geek, and it made my day. Also, after a normal goodnight from her father, daddies girl was asleep with 7 minutes. Phew.

Thursday – nothing special here

Friday – nor here

Saturday – Spent the day with My mum and brother in the morning and just generally had a lovely day. Liv decided she now needs just one hand holding when she totters around. 

Sunday – We spent the day at my husbands mums and Liv decided it’d be a good time to show off her likes/dislikes and spent half the time trying to kiss everyone. On the way home she started copying our sneezes, and I could not stop laughing. I don’t know how may times I say “she is so funny” but man… she is SO funny!

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