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This is not the JOB I want… INTERVIEW ME! NOW! Please

This is a proper rambled brain dump… You’ve been warned!
While on maternity leave, my job “ceased to exist” so, I was pre-deployed, meaning they found me another job, without interview or consulting me. Without going on toooo much, I’ve basically gone from a role that was above my grade, working directly with Senior managers, and basically being known as a bit of a go getter, to being a desk monkey. I sit here day after day clicking and cutting and pasting, slowly going out of my mind.
Before maternity leave I was on a “Future leaders program” getting extra training and visibility etc. My New boss was in my group and he knows my ambitions well, so he was disappointed to have me on his team, we all know this is not what I want. I’ve had “the chat” with him many times since my return on the 1st August. I went to see Senior managers from my old area too. The first one told me it was my ego talking and to give the job a chance, to be honest he’s right. So I have. I’ve been doing this job for almost 3 months and I am ready to poke my eyes out with a spoon. I spoke to some other seniors who are eager to “poach” me back into their organisation and get me back on track. My Boss is new to managing people, let alone people like me – I’d not want to manage me, I’m a nightmare! But yanno… I need help to escape this rut.
I applied internally for another job, the perfect(ish – more money is would make it even better of course) job. I only spotted it on the day it closed, 4th October. After a mad rush to update my CV and submit it, it really hit me that the job I’ve been landed in would fit my CV better about 7 jobs ago. *sigh* and so the depression really hit. I can’t demand my boss do something as He’s gone to India for 3 weeks to fix some process issues.
Now I wait. It’s been 3 weeks since I applied for the perfect job. I quickly passed the initial automated sift. For 3 weeks the system told me it’s with the recruiter reviewing CVs. Every day I check the system and her whereabouts on our internal directory to see if she’s pencilled in any “sifting” time or interviews. Nothing.
I’ve emailed her today asking for 5 minutes to discuss the role. Normally I’d phone but as her whereabouts are choca-block I don’t want her to think I’m incapable of reading a diary. She read the email at 3.06pm.

And still I wait…

Patience is not a virtue I’m familiar with…



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