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Oh to be a Cliche – New Year, new Me

Its that time of year again, where we make promises to ourselves. Promises to improve our lives in some clichéd way. I’m not calling these resolutions, I’m simply placing a stake in the ground and making changes from here on in.

First up – Weight.

The problem – Christmas 2009 I got to my fattest at 14st 4. I’ve since had my gorgeous fat baby in March ’11. I got up into the high 14s/low 15s while pregnant, and since dropped down as low as 13st 2. Sadly, and shamefully after returning to work at 4 months post partum I’ve become a super fatty again. I eat snacks all day long and generally make a pig of myself. My weight remained 13st 3 for the longest time, until I had a week off early december to decorate Olivia’s bedroom and had a take away every day. I might even have had two McDonald’s breakfasts in one day. I can easily eat 4 packets of crisps and 3 chocolate bars in a day without even thinking twice. Well, that’s a lie, I feel ashamed, but that doesn’t stop me. My work trousers are too tight. My belly over hang is disgusting. My lovely C-section scar gets irritated and itchy when its sweaty, and thanks to my huge overhang, that’s often. I now weigh 13st 9lb. This is not acceptable. I’m 5ft 1 for petes sake! the BBC BMI calculator  has me with a BMI of 35.6 OBESE.

Action plan =  I have the thinking slimmer Slim pod I bought before I returned to work, which seemed to help back then, so I’ll start that again. I’ll ditch the 2nd cup of tea and countless morning snacks for water. Reduce the number of take aways drastically from *mumble* a week to 2 a month, top.  I’m looking into the mutu system to see what exercises I could do at home, in the evening, once Olivia is in bed. The Gym is just not plausible at the moment, I’m already out of the house from 7.45 till 5.45 and trying to run a house in those few hours before bed (see below for more on this!) I’m going to make better choices with what I put into my body.

The Goal – I’m not too obsessed with the weight, I know I’d like to be 11st something initially, which is still way overweight, but its more about how I feel. I will not have double chins, backfat or a killer belly overhang. I’ll look and feel good in my clothes.

Second – appearances.

The Problem – I’m a big fat frump, with huge flabby chins. Spots. I make next to no effort most days. I’m not happy

The Solution. TRY HARDER. I WILL wear make up daily, and let my hair down most days, instead of scrunching my hair up in a scruffy bun. Once I lose some weight I’ll buy an interim Primark wardrobe to smarten up my appearance instead of the same trusty work trousers (bursting at the seams) and once at a nicer weight do a proper shop

The Goal – to appear a well put together professional. I want to look in the mirror and feel proud.

Thirdly – Housewife

The Problem – I am the worlds worst housewife. My husband is a neat freak. I am not. We clash over this on a daily basis and can have huge rows over it. I also suck at cooking. If I don’t feel inspired, we end up ordering a takeaway at 8pm – this obviously doesn’t help with issue one.

The Solution – to make an active, concerted and conscious effort to keep things tidy and clean. I will plan ahead the meals for each day and cook healthy balanced options. Don’t get me wrong, I can cook. I’m bloody good at it. When I can be arsed. Heck I might even try cooking fish.

The Goal –  A clean, presentable uncluttered house. Healthy hearty food. and most of all, a happy husband, which would of course make me and Olivia happier too.

I don’t expect it to be easy. None of it. Especially number 3! It really doesn’t come naturally to me.

I’m hoping to get some support from you guys on this one. Cheering me on. Nudging me here and there. Reading my ramblings and commenting once in a while *wink*

Off to get some water….


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