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You Probably know all this but….

I saw and stole this from Beth over at The Pieces of Me – My favourite blogger type. Ever. In the history of blogs.

Age: I’m 25. Officially too old to pull the “I’m still young” card. I’ve noticed I’m refered to as “this lady…” instead of “this girl…”

Book Size: Paperbacks areor ebooks on the nose-phone please. Though the last 10 books I’ve read are all made of cardboard and have furry bits in them. Oh how I love “thats not my” books.

Chore that you hate: Washing up. When I was single I was known to hide dirty bowls in the cupboard when I ahd visitors. I still sulk to this day any time I have to wash up. I HATE it. I blame my mother for using it as a punishment when I was younger.

Dogs: I had one once, but my husband hates all animals. Grumpy bugger.

Essential start to your day: Giving Liv milk in the big bed then a shower. I jsut cannot function without a shower.

Favorite colour: I’ve never had a favourite colour.

Gold or Silver: Silver, or white gold.

Height: Barely more than a midget. Well 2 inches awy from official midgetness. 5ft 1 and a bit.

Instruments you play: Bass guitar, Cello and piano. Barely.

Job Title: DSL Commisioning and second line support

Kids:Liv. She’s likely to be the only one, ever. If you’re reading this then you’ll have seen a few million posts about her before

Live: Just outside of Birmingham

Milk: In tea, yes. On Cereal, just enough to wet it, but I’ll never have milk as a drink. Yuck.

Nicknames: Frank. Lee. Shorty.

Oldest living relative: Aunty Anne. My Nans elder sister, now in her 90’s, she used to be a midwife.

Pet Peeves: Hypocrisy, not being listened to, people that take others for granted

Quote from a movie: “The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.”

Right or Left handed: Right

Siblings: 1 Sister and 1 brother

Time you wake up: Just before 6, up for 7.15

Underwear: big pants and bigger bra.

Vegetable you hate: lady Fingers. Puke.

What makes you run late: Most things. I don’t have the drive to be early. People should be glad I showed at all 😉

X-Rays you’ve had: As an accident prone cild. Most places. Including lungs.

Yummy food that you make: Spanglish Chicken

Zoo animal: Monkeys!


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