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Help Needed – 50th Birthday party music playlist

Good people of twitter/blogland,

I need your help!

My Mum turns 50 this January, and we are throwing her a birthday party. We are saving all our pennies to feed the 5000 that are invited (slight exaggeration perhaps) so creating a playlist of music to stick on an ipod in the corner. This is where  you come in, I hope. Shout some music at me that’ll satisfy a whole host of random folks.

growing up we were subjected to UB40 and that is about as much as I remember!

help please?

preeeeeeeeetty please.




AS this post is the one most frequented by googlers (HIIIIIII *Waves) I thought it best to update and try and give you all some help as to what went down well at my Mums party back in January!

Billy Ray Cyrus – Achy Breaky heart (I deny all rumours that I sang this at the very top of my lungs, over and over again!)

Anything by –


the Beatles

the rolling stones




Aqua – barbie girl

Los del Rio – Macarena (I may ADMIT to dancing to this…)


We downloaded essentail &0s, 80s and 90s type playlists and they gave us great variety. I hope you found some inspiration! and enjoy the party!


F x



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