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A Princess party, for a one year old?!

You may call me a grump, but I never even considered a 1st Birthday party for Liv. She’ll be 1. What does she know?

When my friends discussed planning their children’s 1st Birthday parties I smiled, when they asked me about Livs I smiled and said “naw, save it for when she’s 3, might get her a little cake, but nothing special”

It turns out I’m the only person in the entire world who doesn’t feel the need to do a party for a 1 year old. My Husband has been designing the cake in his head for weeks now and has asked me to ask my sister to make it. My Sister has already bought princess/castle themed cupcake stands. Funnily enough my husbands cake design is a castle.

So there it is, my daughter is having a Princess themed 1st Birthday 😐 speaking as a serious tomboy myself, I can’t see the appeal. I had toy garages instead of dolls. I started my career as a telephone engineer straight from school, climbing poles and going down holes. Fair enough I’m in the office now and wear makeup… but a girly girl I am not.

I’ve taken the stance that Liv will be whatever she wants to be. When I found out I was having a girl I asked people not to buy pink. Of course most did, and now so do I. Most days she LIVES in pink. I naturally gravitate towards jogging bottoms, jeans and leggings for her, but yes, a lot are pink. Partly because that’s what ASDA and Matalan sell most for the girls. Partly because damnit, its cute.

Other than the pink playmat I bought when she was born, from ASDA and a pink phone. Every toy I’ve bought has been gender neutral. I say it’s for practical reasons. Future babies etc (of which I’m pretty sure their won’t be any) but it’s because I prefer non pink stuff. She has so brightly colour Lamaze toys from birth, I love them all. Now at 9 months she is pretty clear on her favourite. A Pink Princess Sophie Lamaze doll. I’d like to say it’s because her little legs are easy to carry and Liv loves chewing its purple ballet pumped feet, but why not Sir Prance-a-lot. His horse has little skinny legs.

Princess Sophie gets dragged around the apartment. If you hear Liv crawling accompanied by a scraping sound, its Princess Sophie… (or the computer mouse but that’s another post all together).

Liv in and her Princess doll in all their pink glory


I’m pretty easy-going really, I just like to rant about things here and to my lovely long-suffering girls on whatsapp. If a Princess doll is Liv’s favourite toy this week then so be it. She has plenty of time to change her mind and choose then toy cars next week. I love going to nursery and seeing the boys playing with handbags and dolls, and the girls with their cars and footballs. They don’t think twice about these things. They look fun so get played with. Simple.

So it seems I have a Princess party to organise in a couple of months. Wish me luck guys!



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