Weigh in Wednesday – week 3 #weighinweds

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Another week ladies – How are we all doing??

Starting weight:

Last Weeks Weight:
Current weight:

What you’ve been doing this week:

Help needed?:



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4 responses to “Weigh in Wednesday – week 3 #weighinweds

  1. Starting weight: 13st 8

    Last Weeks Weight: 13st 6lbs
    Current weight: 13st 7.4lbs

    What you’ve been doing this week: I’ve been a lazy, greedy fatty! and gained a pound for my troubles. I’ve not ran this week at all thanks to a dodgy tummy, bickering with the old man, and rain. Also eaten TWO takeaways. sigh.

    Successes: Not a single one. This week was a total write off!

    Help needed?: Any advice for combating the PMS induced binge eat?

    • ljastar

      you’ll get back on it next week. Try getting yummy but healthy snacks in and munch on them? Although never as satisfying as chocolate…I’m dreading the scales when I.do my weigh tonight.

      Keep focused n u will be fine

  2. ljastar

    starting weight:9st 2.4

    Last weeks weight:9stt 0.6lbs
    Current weight: 8st 13.2

    What youve been doing: not a lot. My exercise DVD, and puddings.

    Successes: another loss: just over 1lb (is that right?) And now back below 9st! Woo!

  3. Starting weight: 13st 8lbs

    Last weeks weight: 13st 10lbs
    Current weight: 13st 10lbs

    What you’ve been doing this week: walking to and from work, ditched weight watchers for My Fitness Pal.

    Successes: well I am saving £11 a month and at least I haven’t put on, plus I normally weight myself first thing in the morning before I have eaten a thing.

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