Weigh in Wednesday – Week 1 #WeighInWeds

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So here we go again folks! As this is the first post please share with us your current weight, your goals and your plan!

I’ll go first (Obviously, as I post it here before its live! lol)

I’m Frankee!

Current weight: 13st 8.2 lb

My Goal: I want to get to 10st 11 initially then reasses how much I want to lose from there. For me the end goal in more about looking and feeling good than actual numbers.

The plan: I am using My fitness pal (add me – username Mushmouth) and reducing my calories. I am using thinking slimmer slippod that I bought last year but trying it yet again, and I start the gym on May 31st, which is when it opens.



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5 responses to “Weigh in Wednesday – Week 1 #WeighInWeds

  1. Jenny

    I’m Jenny!

    Goal: I started dieting last year after having my second child and my starting weight was 15st 6oz, I was in size 18-20, since then I lost about 64lbs, and got down to 10st 7oz (size 12) however, with christmas and Easter my weight is now back up to 11st 1oz. My aim is to get down to about 10st 5oz.

    The plan: I use myfitnesspal, exercise and running.

  2. ljastar

    I’m Lucy!

    Current weight: 9st 2.4lb

    My Goal: I have put on almost a stone since the summer when I weigh 8st 4lb, my goal is to get back to this initially. I just want to look and feel a bit better and have clothes that are less snug.

    The plan: I don’t really have one. Other than eating a bit healthier…I can’t call it a diet as I’ll want junk then. I’ve swapped from full fat to semi skimmed milk and dropped to half a sugar in my tea and I’m trying to drink more water. Doing an exercise DVD and walking to work.

  3. I’m Rachel

    Current weight: 13st 9lb

    My Goal: To feel fit and healthy. Plus to be 9st 7lb again would also be nice but I am open to negotiation. 🙂

    The plan: I have been using weight watchers since January and have so far lost 11 lbs. I am trying to walk everywhere (not fun in this rain) plus use the wii fit more. I do still have a gym membership so might try and visit there starting once a month. (when I locate my card)

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