Fabulous Friday

As I moan an awful lot, I’ve decided to start sharing what fabulous things have happened this week, or simply things that have made me smile.

Feel Free to join in, and if there are a few of us, I’ll create a linky 🙂


Bestest buds – they WILL be friends damnit
Fab 1 – We spent some of monday with Olivia’s God Mother and son, we’ve not had a “playdate” for over a month and he has changed SO much in that time. Last time we saw them he was frustrated that Liv was chasing him round and he couldn’t escape. Now he’s crawling like a pro and pulling up on the sofa, so he’s far more confident and they played lovely. I just LOVE Olivia’s god mother and her boy. Spending any time with them is FAB
Fab 2 – I’m attempting to find my mojo (part of my New years res/promises to myself) and after dying my hair last week, and using the new hair dryer set my sister bought me, I’m back in love with my hair.  To top it off I actually had a random compliment on my hair from the office SexyNerd. Haven’t had one of those in a long while!
What’s made YOU smile this week?

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